GIRL, Buy the Shoes! 

This week, I was reminded of how much I deprive myself of things  I enjoy for the sake of "being responsible" and achieving a goal.

After months of looking for a pair of Converse I really liked (yep MONTHS) I finally found the pair that had me revisiting the website ev-e-ry-day. okay, confession- multiple times and day. Now, I knew I really wanted these shoes but nothing I told myself made me get off the fence...

"Am I going to get them?...but I'm trying to save more money"
"Get them. You love…

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The Big Picture! 


When I was working on my master's degree, I had a part time job as a youth care worker at a group home for girls. The “night shift”, 3:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m, Thursday through Saturday. It was a hard shift. It was right when the girls were arriving back from school & right in the middle of usual meal times. See the way my metabolism is set up- I'm always hungry and eating before my shift didn't ever carry me to break time and eating dinner during my break never carried me to the end of my shift. No…

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Not Enoughness. Does it ever go away? 

I find myself reflecting on the idea of "not-enoughness" and I wonder, does it ever go away?

Way back when I wrote my single I Am Enough, I hadn't intended on releasing it. I didnt even think about it as being "good" and I certainly didn't want anyone to know or think that I didn't feel "good enough". I didn't want them to believe that story with/for me. But when one of my mentors heard the song, his reaction was shocking to me. He said "WOW! This is it! You have to record this! This is something people

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Well Hello 2019! 


Happy New Year!!

I hope you had a great time Celebrating 2018 and Welcoming 2019!  Congrats!! You Made it! You can start the New Year with Fresh Energy!

I consider my birthday my new year.  Since it is in December and close to my music anniversary, I begin thinking about my next year in mid November.  

I start with a combination of prayer, meditation & quiet time. In this way I let the universe guide my intentions. As I wait for direction, I start to notice recurring themes. I may hear them in different…

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Why I Create Music 

I never knew what living felt like until I pursued my dream of being an artist. My music journey gave me the space to become the person I was created to be and I began to feel free for the first time. When I felt I had no one who understood me or the pain I was feeling, I could always find the right song to comfort me. So, I wanted my music to do that for someone else.
My journey has taught me to:
  • love myself more,
  • put myself first,
  • make choices that were best for me regardless of opinions of others

Cant Live without your Love 

My homegirl Amaya and I went out to dinner this weekend to catch up. As we were chatting at the bar there had been a young woman sitting next to us falling asleep . She was with a guy whom we assumed was her date. Maybe about an hour later I noticed tears running down her face and I leaned over and asked her if she is okay, and if she needed anything. Her nod was so faint I couldn't tell if it was a “yes” or a “no” so I presumed she wanted her space. But Amaya and I began looking around for the guy she

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Lynn Solar Music turns 7 today! 

This year I was able to accomplish more than I even imagined! 

1 Website Launch
1 Video Press Kit Release
1 News Press Release Feature
2 Single Releases 
2 Album Features
5 Music Shows/Features
25 Musical Theater Performances
6 Radio Interviews
Performed with 4 amazingly talented bands, had numerous auditions & infinity hours of rehearsals... Sleepless nights, hungry days, insufficient funds, multiple jobs, Tears!!...

Despite the hurdles- I Kicked Ass in my Leap of Faith year!!
THANKS for rocking with me!! I'm…

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Just 8 Shows left-Come see Black Renaissance! 

My castmate LeKeya Shearrill and I.
Photo credit: Michael Courier

Happy Friday! 


There are just Eight shows left in the run of Black Renaissance at the Black Ensemble Theater

I have thoroughly enjoyed living out my dreams and sharing my gifts on stage! This is the most I've ever performed in such a short time frame and it is certainly an amazing feeling experiencing my vision of being a working artist come to life. I am So thankful to be apart of such a fun, warm and talented cast, being embraced by…

Be Adventurous! Upcoming Play Production Details inside. 

So, I went to Solar Eclipse event and My lyft driver asked me if I was meeting anyone up there. When I told her I was going by myself, she replied “OH Wowww”. I wanted to know a little bit more about her reaction. She then said “That's very adventures of you. I could not do that…. I'm 51 and I just went to a movie by myself a couple weeks ago”. 

It shocked me that for her traveling just 15 minutes away from my home was being considered “adventurous”.  Teenage Lynn came to mind... I started to go to movies…

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New Music: Unstoppable available now! 

Hey Heroes! 

It is the testimony behind my songs that make them so important to me. As I release UNSTOPPABLE I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge my own “Unstoppableness” throughout this process. As you know, I took this leap of faith exactly ten months and 2 days ago and mannnn it has been an interesting and complex journey:

  • I have been financially unstable for quite a few months...from multiple overdrafts in my bank account to bill collectors calling me every hour. 
  • I have been an altercation…