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(Pre-Order) Redirection Tee
  • (Pre-Order) Redirection Tee
  • (Pre-Order) Redirection Tee
  • (Pre-Order) Redirection Tee

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Purchase Lynn's "Rejection Is Just Redirection" Tee.

We tend to think of rejection as a bad thing, but if we look at it as the Universe sending us in a new direction we can acknowledge how good it is!

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Lynn Solar

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TRANSFORMED is a refreshing compilation of work orchestrated to give you that "ahhh" moment song after song. Each piece is a dramatization of a pivotal time in life's journey when the only choice left is to choose. Lynn's sultry, honest sound & powerful vocals cut across every genre from Soul, Pop, Folk, R&B blended with subtle hints of Classical, Jazz and Blues. Her ability to incite emotion through simplistic and purest of notes is what inspires Lynn the most to deliver her gift to each listener. Lynn desires to leave each listener captivated and inspired to encapsulate their own SuperHero.

Also available for streaming from your favorite digital music platforms.

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