A Life Update...

I saw an IG post yesterday from Sherri Shepherd, comedienne, actress, talk show host. It was a video of her exercising, the caption listing the life challenges she had been going through recently and how exercise was good for her body and mental state so she got up at 5am in spite of not wanting to. Linking it here for your reference.

It is another reminder for me that we NEVER Know what someone is going through. It is also reminder of the importance of sharing our stories because we never know who needs to hear it. Sherrie’s post made a difference for me because, since Oct 2021 I have been experiencing challenge (breakdown) after challenge after challenge. Even though I have had wins here and there, at times it seems like I have had no real break. During many of my wins, I have not been able to be fully present because I have been exhausted, trying to keep my worries from consuming my wins and trying not to have breakdowns in public. Essentially I have not been okay for the majority of this time and I have been taking breaks to recover as much (or as little) as possible, “before the next storm hits”. This makes me sad since many of my wins have been things I’ve prayed about for many years.

Sherri’s post reminds me that in this current storm, I NEED to exercise. It is thee prescription to help me get through. I can't control many of the things that have been occurring, but I can control my habits, how I take care of my body, so that my mind, emotions and spirit will be as stable as possible. I did my morning ritual today, the first time in about 2 weeks, and I am feeling like, I can handle the day...the moment.

Let me highlight some wins of the past 6 months:

  • I’ve finally found a business coach who I really like to help me get some things in order so that my business can have a better chance to flourish.
  • I found the strength to quit my job that was causing harm to my mental, spiritual and physical health. I had been suffering but doing my best to make it through.
  • I got cast in a main stage production, as an understudy, at time when I needed something creative happening in my life to add some balance...and to keep me from giving up on my creative pursuits.
  • I got accepted to the Sofar Sounds artist network after 6 years of trying and performed my first show last month. Sofar has always been apart of my larger vision. 
  • I got booked for my first commercial for a meal prep company that was filmed last week. It was such a wonderful experience. I made a GREAT amount of change for one day of work, simply for my HANDS. (so, you won't see my face this time). 
  • I am a new member of the Actors Equity Association that I have been wanting to be eligible for since 2017. This is apart of my larger life plan. better pay, better protections, being apart of an entity that will help further along my acting career.

I know many things that have been happening in my life are about Elevation and Expansion. The storms are why I don't take ANY of my blessings for granted. I’ve had to WORK and fight through a lot of mess when I thought I had nothing else to give. I am doing my best. I have been in survival mode. I have been unavailable more than ever. When I am outside enjoying myself, I have been avoiding anything that takes me out the present moment and keeps me from enjoying my little piece of peace. Preserving the energy I have to pour into myself, so I can get through the storms and fully see the rainbows.

Love to you, and please, stay well.

-Lynn 💥

Hey! Before you go check out this recap of my Sofar Sounds performance! I hope you can catch me at the next!

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