Hailing from the Southside of Chicago, this Modern day SuperHero uses her bold & conscious driven lyrics to empower listeners to cultivate their power and freedom to live their best lives.

She seeks to create a sound that is eclectic and honest. Marrying her favorite components from the genres of soul, pop, folk, classical and R&B. Lynn is ever-evolving, intentionally using the victories & challenges of her life’s journey to propel and refine herself and her art.

To be Brave, Confident, and Empowering - the culmination of what Lynn calls #SolarPower - is what she aspires to invoke in others as they become their own SuperHero.

“I never knew what living felt like until I pursued my dream of being an artist. My music journey gave me the space to become the person I was created to be and I began to feel free for the first time.”

 Ms. Solar will make a global mark in the music industry. Her crossover appeal makes her an artist that will engage the masses and unite audiences from all backgrounds. Her single releases, “I Am Enough” and “Unstoppable”, and her debut album Transformed are available now on all digital music platforms!

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Lynn Solar is a dynamo! Her presence in my recording studio was never anything short of inspiring. Her voice is a mirror of her persona-strong, detailed, passionate and exciting. She is true artist in every sense of the word.”

— Rollin Weary, Grammy Nominated Recording Engineer