Be Adventurous! Upcoming Play Production Details inside.

So, I went to Solar Eclipse event and My lyft driver asked me if I was meeting anyone up there. When I told her I was going by myself, she replied “OH Wowww”. I wanted to know a little bit more about her reaction. She then said “That's very adventures of you. I could not do that…. I'm 51 and I just went to a movie by myself a couple weeks ago”. 

It shocked me that for her traveling just 15 minutes away from my home was being considered “adventurous”.  Teenage Lynn came to mind... I started to go to movies on my own around the age of 17. My best friend at the time got a boyfriend and suddenly the things “bff” and I used to do together became reserved for her and her boyfriend instead and I began to feel abandoned.....

Then I remembered the hurt I felt to hear “no”  when I would ask people to go places with me and then sitting at home sulking because I opted to stay at home as a result. I thought about my my first solo trip exactly two years ago to London and how I would've missed out on the best travel experience of my life if I had not ventured across the pond from lack of a travel companion. 

When I think of 17-year-old me I definitely wasn't thinking about being adventurous. I was sad, lonely, hurt and disappointed. All I knew was that I wanted to see that movie! I am truly thankful for "Teen Lynn" for doing it afraid, for going against the grain.  And if I could go back to the past and whisper encouragement to myself I would say "Keep Going! the world awaits you!".

I was Unstoppable then and didn't even know it!

I rarely think of myself as adventurous but if choosing to experience life in spite of negative feelings defines it, I accept! <3

I'd Love to hear your thoughts..Tell me  about your adventurous moments in the comments below.  

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