Well Hello 2019! 

 Happy New Year!!

I hope you had a great time Celebrating 2018 and Welcoming 2019!  Congrats!! You Made it! You can start the New Year with Fresh Energy!

I consider my birthday my new year.  Since it is in December…

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Why I Create Music

I never knew what living felt like until I pursued my dream of being an artist. My music journey gave me the space to become the person I was created to be and I began to feel free for the… Read more

Cant Live without your Love

My homegirl Amaya and I went out to dinner this weekend to catch up. As we were chatting at the bar there had been a young woman sitting next to us falling asleep . She was with a guy whom

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Lynn Solar Music turns 7 today!


This year I was able to accomplish more than I even imagined! 

1 Website Launch
1 Video Press Kit Release
1 News Press Release Feature
2 Single Releases 
2 Album Features
5 Music Shows/Features
25 Musical Theater Performances
6 Radio…

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A lifestyle change is in order


Starting to feel like I need a lifestyle change. Now, I get bored and unmotivated when I'm doing the same thing every day, especially when it isn't doing things I love to do, but for at least a year

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The Leap of Faith

It's been a little over 7 months since I quit my job.  It has been quite the journey so far! Something kind of like an emotional rollercoaster. My first week as a "Full time Me" (Artist/Creative) I remember waking up

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[Video] from Life Narratives Concert Series!

As you know, I recently performed at the Life Narratives Concert Series presented by the Rated Life Radio Show and Adobe Gila's (New City) Restaurant, Chicago.

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"Rest" is work too

The past few weeks have been interesting. I couldn't find my footing, my direction, my groove. I felt “lost”. I've been on the go, juggling my music, event planning business, personal life and driving Uber...and neglecting self care as my…

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