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The Leap of Faith

It's been a little over 7 months since I quit my job.  It has been quite the journey so far! Something kind of like an emotional rollercoaster. My first week as a "Full time Me" (Artist/Creative) I remember waking up thinking. "Wow, so we're doing this huh? Just me and you God. I'm Thankful. I'm Ready".

I had to leave my job. It was an emergency. Lacking a strong financial plan, I knew that I could not continue to delay my resignation. My future depended on me leaving like never before. The longer I stayed the deeper I was settling in a bad situation where my drive, motivation, and health were deteriorating. 

I don't regret a single bit of my departure. It doesn't even feel real anymore that I was literally leading two different lives, occupying the same space and time, flipping between the two all day long...for 5 years.

Yes, the emotional battle gets REAL at times: taking on odd jobs I don't enjoy, maintaining a healthy balance between making the ends meet and growing my brands, navigating the challenge of making more time to refine my craft, and putting out the financial fires is overwhelming. Howeverrrrrr, Taking the leap was the best gift I could've ever given myself.

Being an artist is who I am supposed to be. It's where I feel the most Free. It’s where I can see and feel how my presence impacts the world. I will choose it over, and over, and over again.



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