Why I Create Music

I never knew what living felt like until I pursued my dream of being an artist. My music journey gave me the space to become the person I was created to be and I began to feel free for the first time. When I felt I had no one who understood me or the pain I was feeling, I could always find the right song to comfort me. So, I wanted my music to do that for someone else.

My journey has taught me to:
  • love myself more,
  • put myself first,
  • make choices that were best for me regardless of opinions of others
  • not be confined to the status quo,
  • speak up when I knew my perspective was different,
  • be a Victor over my circumstances,
  • create my own lane,
  • be unapologetic,
  • exercise my power,
  • celebrate my awesomeness,
  • & own my story.


I Know My Worth Now.



For all those who have ever felt outcast, abandoned, alone, looked over, and not enough, I share my life stories to heal, comfort & empower you. You gotta Live for you. You can get through anything. You can be/do/have whatever you want. and you WILL. Start where you're at & don't give up!

❤️ Lynn





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