"Rest" is work too

The past few weeks have been interesting. I couldn't find my footing, my direction, my groove. I felt “lost”. I've been on the go, juggling my music, event planning business, personal life and driving Uber...and neglecting self care as my designated “rest days” have been overcome by spurts of business items. So, I haven't been feeling grounded spiritually or emotionally since I released my single I Am Enough last month. Just last week, I found myself asking the universe-

“Uhmm are you sure this the right time for me to be Full Time Entrepreneur?? I mean, I heard you very clearly to leave my job buuuttt....” 

See, when I took my leap of Faith in October, I told myself, “this is a new season, your life is not the same, you need to create new habits”. I wrote down those new habits and I named my season “Recreation”. I committed to doing those things until the next season revealed itself. And recently, I had been fighting anxiety and worry because I knew a new season was happening but I didn't know where to start.

Soooo, yesterday was my first real “self care”/“rest day”. I've re-realized the importance of resting. I had been asking a lot from the universe, even begging at times but didnt feel like I was getting any answers, and honestly I have even been feeling Scared. 

Around 6pm, I became sleepy. I tried to fight it because- I've been sleeping A LOT lately, longer than I wanted to so it didnt make sense for me to be sleepy, especially since I had a pretty calm day. But as I gave in and fell asleep, I started to have BIG visions, Big Goals and Direction came to my mind, like a Flood!  When I woke up from my 2.5 hour random nap, I wrote down all the things that had showed up while I slept. 

Today I am awake with new energy, new plans, and it feels really good. I'll call this new season “Master” -dedicated to fully mastering my craft by going back to the basics and studying my music inspirations, the nuances & intonations of artists in history- dissecting their songs and adding the elements I connect with to refine my own signature sound. I'm excited about this!  This week is all about Minnie Riperton. She’s has always been a favorite of mine it’s the perfect time to fully explore her work. <3

I'm SO glad I finally listened to myself and took a real rest!




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