New Music: Unstoppable available now!

Hey Heroes! 

It is the testimony behind my songs that make them so important to me. As I release UNSTOPPABLE I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge my own “Unstoppableness” throughout this process. As you know, I took this leap of faith exactly ten months and 2 days ago and mannnn it has been an interesting and complex journey:

  • I have been financially unstable for quite a few months...from multiple overdrafts in my bank account to bill collectors calling me every hour. 
  • I have been an altercation with a guy who spit on me in a road rage incident. 
  • I have been rear-ended in my car while on my way to a part-time gig. 
  • The past three weeks or so the guy I had been dating for 2 months has been MIA...I mean we had Big Plans and everything! This is the second time that I have been brokenhearted in the past 7 months. 
  • I have struggled with time management trying to juggle all of the life happenings and still stay the course with music. 

In spite of it all, I have remained sane. I have not quit.  I have processed my emotions through crying and talking it out with my closest friends. Taking my breaks when I needed to. Most importantly, I remained focused on my music, living the Best life and being the Best version of myself throughout it all. 

See, a few years ago, I went through what I consider to be much worse than my recent experiences. A season of darkness I will never ever forget. As a result,


I hope my song reminds you of your own power to be UNSTOPPABLE.

Accept the Challenge!! 

In honor of my single release I am launching the #UNSTOPPABLEChallenge.Take videos of yourself singing and listening to UNSTOPPABLE. Tell me about your own UNSTOPPABLE stories in your social media posts! Here are the lyrics of the chorus: 

“I will overcome 
There’s no obstacle, a
you will see that I'm Unstoppable
I will overcome 
There’s no obstacle, 
you will see that I'm Unstoppable”


I can't wait to see your videos all the cross social media and don't forget to tag me and use the hashtags #Unstoppable #LynnSolar as you share the song and your videos! ❤️


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