My Birthday Staycation: RESET

My Birthday is my new year and I like starting it with a good Reset! This year I took an unplanned 5 day social media break. It was NICE! Honestly had it not been for my birthday I'd still be on break.   

I also took a break from doing ALL business! If it It wasn't about self-care and breakin', I was unavailable. (And I started telling people the week before Thanksgiving via email auto-responder). I thought that would make things easy but I was getting SO many requests for my time, saying "No" became overwhelming, but I knew I couldn't say yes. I can't properly Give to others if I am Not feeling like my best self.   

Oct & Nov WORE ME OUT! Allllll 60 days ya hear me?! I was having a hard time letting go of things. I was so wound up and stressed about ALL things and it was showing up in my mood, feelings, body: tmj, sleep patterns, reproductive health, perspective. 🙁 It had been kinda bad actually. "A 911 situation". Because the past 2 months have literally Kicked my ass it, of course I was gonna have a SPA DAY! I skipped my massage in Nov to save money so I could go to one of my favorite spas Kohler Waters Spa. It was Amazing time!  

I got there early to Take my time and enjoy the spa! Had the best tea! (White Calypso by White Lion) and tried some #Naturopathica tincture herbal supplement drops for stress relief and immune system support. After catching up with a staff member in the locker room whom I've made fast friends with this year, I put on my swimsuit and headed to the warm jacuzzi pool. Walking into the pool room was where the work really began. I feel like I am out of town when I'm there!   

I relaxed on my lounge chair with my tea and water for a little bit to get grounded then I got in the pool and let the movement and sound embrace me. It was so niiiice. 😊 

I took a break to hydrate then headed to meditate in the eucalyptus steam room. Taking deep breaths and making room in my mental space. My goal was to release all the things and people that do not bring me joy and that are not meant to be in my next chapter, and to listen to my spirit and accept what is not, has not, and will not work out. After my meditation- I took another water break then went to the sauna where I begin thanking God, praying about all things and even singing. Yep, I was the only person in the sauna 🤣  

Time to shower and get to my massage! I had an 80 minute CBD massage which was GLORIOUS!! I love those little meetings with therapist where you tell them what's been going on and they assess what you need! She asked "So do you think you need more relaxation or something therapeutic?" Me: "BOTH! I want to walk out of here feeling completely Restored!". My massage therapist started off with aromatherapy, using an oil from #Naturopathica called "meditation" She put it on her hand, placed her hand under my nose and had me take my deep breaths. LOVE! It smelled so goooood. Some of my favorite scents! She worked my muscles & trouble areas SO well. I definitely should've gotten a massage sooner.   

Afterwards I chilled in the lounge, eating fruit, yogurt covered raisins and drinking water and more tea! Imagining that I was on somebody's Island- my favorite place to be on my bday week. I thanked myself for being intentional about gifting myself space to take care of me. I noticed I felt free and clear of All the things and people that were occupying my space and that made me happy. My mind was Calm and not busy. The quiet sounded and felt good. It's amazing what the right self-care can do. 😉 

Check out my Before and After video!


Stay tuned for more birthday #Staycation Posts. I brought in my 38th year RIGHT! 🥳





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