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A lifestyle change is in order

Starting to feel like I need a lifestyle change. Now, I get bored and unmotivated when I'm doing the same thing every day, especially when it isn't doing things I love to do, but for at least a year or so I've felt like I'm always transitioning to something: a new job, schedule, challenge, etc.  I'll have one whole week when everything in my world is calm and comfortable.  Next thing I know, I’m back to having a crazy schedule. I've been living in this cycle for much of my music career.  

I LOVE evolving. I've always seen my constant movement as growth, flexibility and "staying ready" however, I'm starting to wear thin. 

I don't know how to reset either because things change so quickly over here in my world. I even tried to add an assistant to my team this summer to lessen my work load but it feel through.  I've gotta figure out something soon though. My #SolarPower seems to be a little thin these days.

 Maybe I'll start by blocking off my calendar for a week to figure it out? 

Hard work does pay off though! I've got a show coming up on August 5th!

Come check out Soulful Experience and I at Underground Wonderbar

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