Lynn Solar - Singer-Songwriter, Artist

Hailing from the Southside of Chicago, this Modern day SuperHero uses her bold & conscious driven lyrics to empower listeners to cultivate their power and freedom to live their best lives.


She seeks to create a sound that is eclectic and honest. Marrying her favorite components from the genres of soul, pop, folk, classical and R&B. Lynn is ever-evolving, intentionally using the victories & challenges of her life’s journey to propel and refine herself and her art.


To be Brave, Confident, and Empowering - the culmination of what Lynn calls #SolarPower - is what she aspires to invoke in others as they become their own SuperHero.


“I never knew what living felt like until I pursued my dream of being an artist. My music journey gave me the space to become the person I was created to be and I began to feel free for the first time.”


Ms. Solar will make a global mark in the music industry. Her crossover appeal makes her an artist that will engage the masses and unite audiences from all backgrounds. Her single releases, “I Am Enough” and “Unstoppable”, and her debut album Transformed are available now on all digital music platforms!






Lynn's Welcome Letter

Welcome Luv!

Thank you for stopping by. Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Lynn. Singer, Songwriter, Artist. Creative....SolarPowered Superhero!! 

For much of my life I struggled to find a path that fit me 100%. It wasn't until I finally stopped fulfilling the wishes others had for my life and followed my heart that I chose music. I can't ever remember a time when Music failed to get me through my storm, and honestly I think I've had more storms than my share. 

I write songs about heartbreak- but I don't write "break-up songs"- they're “let-go” songs! They aren't the “damsel-in-distress," “oh-how-will-I-ever-move-on?” stories. They are about accepting what happened, acknowledging the lesson, and moving forward to greater. I'm speaking on transitions like: losing someone I thought would always be there for me (be it by death or they just stopped talking to my ass...or I them! Ha!); or Wonderfully amazing situations that went south at the half-blink of an eye; or losing an opportunity I thought had “LYNN SOLAR” ALL Over It. ...I've learned that You've got be unstoppable, pick yourself up and keep moving! 

I want my music to empower you to be Fierce and Fearless to overcome any obstacles you're facing. I want you to believe that anything is possible, and you are More than enough to Be, Do, and Have whatever you desire. ❤️ 

Let my lyrics, melodies, and unusually wacky and seemingly unbelievable stories be a safe haven for you-where you can retreat and become strong enough to face your Giants and SLAY them!

There are only Victors here in the #SolarSystem and I promise A-MMAAYYY-Zing things happen when you choose to Be your own SuperHero!

BE #SolarPowered!

Fiercely yours,


"Lynn Solar is one of Chicago's musical gems!  She has such an amazing voice. I love Lynn's soulful sound, but she is very unique in that her music covers a wide range of music styles that anyone can appreciate."  

-Dominique Gardner