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I'm Coming Out! I want the World to Know...


"See, growing up I was teased because of my size. Aside from being called the usual- "skinny" -  I had consistently been called "Underweight",  "Fragile",   "Frail", "Tiny" ... by strangers, family members and peers of all ages..."

My first Radio Interview!


"The ability to see and experience the results of all the behind- the-scenes work are the moments that keep me going! This first quarter of 2016 has been phenomenal and I'm excited to see what's next!"

I Choose SINGLE!


"Nothing is wrong with me and thats not even what i aimed to tackle by putting up that post-it. but what i thought was- Hey, i never chose to be single..why don't i try to discover and embrace what being "single" Really means."



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